Why Traditional SEO Is Becoming Obsolete

For many years now – digital marketers have established all their advertising strategies, branding and marketing on one essential conception – their business website. For a long time, websites have been the format in which the majority of people have come to depend on and sometimes even taken for granted the basic functionalities of the World Wide Web.


Thus far, they’ve worked out just wondrously. It has provided us with authentic, website based experiences that feel as though we’re reading a book. However, but it is possible that they’re in danger of becoming no longer needed and rendered obsolete.


What could possibly replace business websites, when they’ve been embedded in the way we utilized the internet. The answer to this question is: Apps.


Apps work very much like websites. They provide their users the capability to browse over content and engage with an array of features and functions – only these are kept locally on mobile devices, without the need of having to access information via a browser.


Apps really do have many advantages and it appears as though App usage statistics are rising. Though, does this alone suffice the replacement of traditional websites?


We’re not certain if traditional websites and SEO will disappear entirely or anytime soon. However, there are some indicators that point that a gradual disintegration of traditional websites and SEO is already happening…


Below you will find 3 indicators that demonstrate how Apps are taking the lead over traditional Websites, therefore slowly eliminating traditional SEO strategies:


  • The Mobile Momentum Continues to Grow.

In just the last few years, mobile traffic and devices usage beat desktop usage for the very 1st time. After this brink was crossed, the rise of mobile usage did not deplete.


Per some new statistics, the rise of mobile use won’t alone lead to the eradication of traditional websites. Traditional websites, are also, available on all mobile devices, as well as on desktop computers. Though, there’s no doubt that App usage is much more prominent on mobile devices.


Furthermore, traditional websites are more difficult to access, engage in and read, which have lead more users to search for other forms of online experiences.


  • Deep Linking on Apps Works!

All things on Google search indexes are developed on an infrastructure that’s based on linking. The definitive quantity, diversity and power of links, which point to a particular website id what helps Google determine when a website is up to par and authoritative. Users will depend o links to navigate from website to website in an intuitive fashion.


However, Google has already begun an arrangement for the conversion to apps by presenting App deep links. These are indexed sections of App exclusive content, which can be displayed in Google search results for mobile App users. This feature has existed for quite sometime, but now users are really starting to depend on it and utilizing it when in search for new content.




  • The Next Craze is App Streaming!

Google has implemented other dominant moves in the App support move by developing App streaming. When this feature was finally released, this was when users began having encounters with Apps on search results. Users started having the option to download Apps or open them on their mobile devices.


Deep links work only for those, who already have the App already installed on their mobile devices. However, now with App Streaming – users will be able to directly have access to all features of Apps that they encountered on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Moreover, Google is also, hosting sections of App content in the cloud, this way users will be able to click right into them without the need to downloading the app to their devices firsthand.


As you can see, Apps are becoming predominant. However, this does not mean that traditional websites and SEO strategies won’t be gone and forgotten. Although, we do suggest, especially if you have an eCommerce Website, that to also, obtain an App for your online shop.


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