Why Magento 2.4 is a better version than its previous versions

Magento by far is known as the most powerful ecommerce shopping cart and indeed it stays true to its popularity. 

A variety of new updates, debugs and supports, Magento keeps accelerating in the shopping carts. Some of the great updates that we all have been waiting for are:

  1. Braintree Payment Integration: A sister company of PayPal which allows subscription payment is included with core updates in 2.4 release
  2. 2.4 release included 100 new fixes to core code, and 30 security enhancements.
  3. Latest PayPal express checkout with security updates
  4. Access to Adobe Stock preview image in the Media Gallery
  5. In the new media gallery, admins can search, filter, and sort images much faster than the older version.
  6.  You can now offer more options for products that are available for instore pickup. 
  7. Updates to Amazon Pay supporting Japanese addresses and multiple authorizations for a multi-item order.
  8. Inbuilt module for Yotpo is included for ratings and reviews
  9. Two-factor authentication for improved security
  10. Save and copy CMS pages
  11. Subscribed Customers as a guest are no longer unsubscribed after registering for a new account.
  12. Elasticsearch 7.6.x is now the default catalog search engine
  13. You can now add color swatch attributes to products using the Visual Swatch option
  14. An enhanced wishlist which shows simple or grouped products

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