What Questions to ask a website developer before you hire?

It is indeed a very tough decision to select the website developer and someone who can understand your needs and the way you want your website to work. Before you start your research in finding a website developer, start writing down your pain points.
Why do you want your website to be developed?
What are you expecting from your web developer?
What are challenges that you are facing now?
Are you tech savvy?
Do you have the bandwidth of providing all the product images, description, prices, banner images?
Who is your client? What age group are you targeting?
Can you handle shipping? If not do you need an additional software integrated to print your labels?
Do you want e-marketing integrated with your website?

Do your homework before you reach out to a web developer. Make sure the website development company has good knowledge of what you want and can they provide a better solution for your needs.
Remember you are not just hiring a web developer but you are partnering with someone to build your business. If your requirements are not properly understood and the answers that you need are not clarified, then you can face some roadblocks down the lane.

Make sure that before you start the website project, you receive a blueprint of all the work that the website company has promised. Ask questions, if you are not clear. No questions are ever dumb. It is your money and you want to make sure that you are working with someone you can trust.

Communication is a key to complete a successful website project. Speak with your website developer or the person managing the project on weekly basis. Make sure that you approve every building unit and get to see demos, designs, and samples on each phase. Ask questions or raise a red flag if you think it does not make sense.

In conclusion, maintain transparency at each level of your website building phase and have clear communication from the beginning. Projects fall apart when there is not enough information provided or you wake up suddenly when the project is close to completion.

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