Top 5 Best Practices on Websites for Small Businesses

As you probably know already, more people than ever before are using the internet when they’re making decisions and picking which products and/or services they wish to purchase. However, there are still so many small businesses, who are still not adhering to the online shopping trend.


As a matter of fact, approximately 29 percent of businesses (mainly small businesses) have not given the online world a chance yet to better promote their business, products and services.


We are in the age of the digital world, which at this juncture if you want to be able to see your business grow and become prosperous it is necessary that you invest on an online presence, which will help your business reach new heights. You will drive more leads and sales than ever before.


Below you will find the 5 top best practices that your small business will need to achieve growth of your brand online:


  • Give Visitors a Simple Way to See and Click on Your Business Contact Info

Businesses create websites to be able to reach more people and gain more clients and business. For this reason, it is imperative that you make it simple for visitors of your website to access your contact information in the even that they need further information.


  • Develop Solid Calls to Action!

If you want your customers and website visitors to sign up to your website’s newsletter and or book appointments you then need to lead them to want to take the action that’s necessary. Many websites get sidetracked by overloading information on who they are and why they are the best in the industry. This information is important. However, with that said, it can also, take away attention from what consumers need. Allow users to know what they must do after they’ve perused your website. Do this by developing strong and solid call to actions throughout your website content.


  • Create a User Friendly & Responsive Web Design

As mentioned earlier, we are in a world of digital overload, which does not stop on people’s desktop. The fact is that more mobile searches are being conducted and have begun to take over the majority of of searches worldwide, as people depend and use their mobile devices more everyday to conduct different searches online. In a nutshell – most of your visitors will be finding your website on their mobile devices. For this reason, you will need a user friendly and responsive website design.


  • Let Your Visitors Know About Your Company and Yourself

This section basically explains itself. But, either way we are mentioning it, as we don’t want this crucial section to be overlooked. We encourage you to develop a summary of who you are as a company, as well as what you offer. Do not make it too long, but make it memorable and genuine.


  • Embrace Social Media!

Having a website alone now a days does not suffice. If you really want to see your business become successful, you will need to become active in different Social Media platforms. As you may know, there are plenty of options to choose from. Find Social Media platforms where you can be reach your targeted audience.


Don’t conform to only one Social Media platform – embrace a few. Showcase your brand and watch your business start booming with engagement. Furthermore, it is of utter importance, that you incorporate your Social Media handles on your business website. You can do this by embedding icons which link to your business, Social Media accounts. You can also, have an up to date Social Media feed right on your website. Such will increase business and brand awareness to your clients and prospects.


If you’re a small business and you want to grow your business – follow the tips listed above. These tips will take your small business to the next level!


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