How do I get my business found on Google?

There is no shortcut to be found on Google. It is a slow process that requires skill and strategy
Each day literally millions of people scour the internet to look for the services, products and information they need. As a business with an online presence you want to take advantage of this vast audience; but is your website easy to find and does it show up on the top of the SERPs?

Every business owner has been on this roller-coaster ride of trying to find the best way to get noticed on Google. Here are some steps that will help you in this objective:

Submit your website to Google 

Search engines crawl sites on the internet collecting information and indexing millions of web pages every single day. While Google might discover your site without you having to actually do anything at all, you can easily speed up this process by ensuring that you submit your site to Google. You also have the option to re-submit it every time you make any changes to it. This helps ensure that Google indexes the latest version of your site after you have updated it. You should also submit your site to Bing in a similar manner.

Create an account with Google. Sign up for Google webmaster tool. Click on add a property and print your website url in the field next to website.

.         Google webmaster tools


Click on add a sitemap and submit sitemap to Google

There are some free sitemap generators like or If you have a WordPress site, you can add Yoast plugin to download sitemap.

It can take few days for Google to crawl and process the site. Google webmaster is a free tool. Check your webmaster tool account once a week and make sure you don’t have any errors. If you find errros then fix them or hire an SEO or web developer who can help you with resolving issues.

Google Index

Make sure that Google has indexed your site. Login to your Google webmaster tool, click on sitemaps and you will find how many pages, and images Google has indexed.

 Goggle webmaster tool site Indexed

Pick the right keywords 

The keywords and keyphrases you insert into the content on your website should be relevant to your business and the products or services you offer. When Google’s crawlers move over your site, these are the words and phrases that they will pick up and rank your site appropriately. These keywords can make or break your visibility on the internet and it’s important to conduct keyword research and analysis and then use the most-searched keywords and keyphrases.

You can analyze keywords on sites like keyword tool or SERPS Type in a keyword and you will view the search volume and CPC for each keyword.

Post Content

Whether you update your website, post blogs or share content on other social media channels, make sure that you are linking to or from your website. Links from high ranked websites with a high domain authority increases your page rank on search engines. One of my articles “secret shortcuts to web design” made it to Google first page. Posting on a high domain authority web page helped in Google indexing the page further.

Mystic web designs

Meta tags

The meta descriptions or meta tags is the text that is attributed to your website on search engines and you have the option to customize this. It helps give people that are unfamiliar with your business a better insight into what they can find on your website. These meta tags are the short introductions that speak a little more about your business.

This is a very important element that you must manage in order for your pages to perform on the search engines. You can add the keywords in your title and description so your audience can identify with your brand.

Social media 

In addition, you should link your site to your social accounts. Social media helps with ranking your website on search engines drastically. Creating a page on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accelerates your page rank.

Local directories

Directories with high domain authority like LinkedIn and Crunchbase are a great source for links. Most mobile users generally look for businesses in their vicinity when they want any product or service. When I search for my website “Mystic Web Designs“, these are the first few searches that show up.

Directories The strategies mentioned above are not a quick fix but a process that takes time. Remember consistency and persistence is the key. Keep working towards your online business SEO and you will reach there.