Find out how to get free traffic to your website with the easy do it yourself techniques.

Most businesses big and small have an online presence and it’s an essential aspect if you want to survive in the cut-throat competition that exists in every business landscape today. The one way to increase sales and the profitability of your business is to find ways and means of attracting traffic to your website. Here are some tips on how you can do this for free:


  1. Make sure you optimize your site for Google- Google is a search engine mammoth. It holds more than 70 percent of search engines market share and has top position on Google searches. This makes it an excellent source of free traffic.


What does that mean? Well, how did you find me? You were looking for How can I get increase website traffic and you found me. Think for a sec, what did you do. All you did is typed on search. When you search on search engines, the most popular content which has been visited most often or is on high domain authority website shows up.


How do you get there? Research the keywords that a user will search for to find your product.

  • Add those keywords in your url link. I wrote a blog and the topic shows up on the url. This is a SEO friendly url.

  • Add meta title, and description. If you are working on a WordPress website, you can download the yoast seo plugin. For Magento website, checkout mageworx Once you have completed this step. Here is a screenshot of how your website will be found on the search engines.

  • Add meaningful and relevant content on your website. Put yourself in the same shoes, how long will you stay on a website if you can’t find what you are looking for. Create useful and engaging content which your users are looking for.


  1. Keep Bing and Yahoo in view- While these search engines may not enjoy the market share that Google enjoys, they do carry a lot of weightage and bring in a significant number of visitors; they are a good source of free traffic and something you shouldn’t miss out on; optimizing your site for these search engines will add to your free traffic.

Submit your site to Yahoo

  • Create account on Yahoo
  • Go to Yahoo Site Explorer.
  • Add your website to the Yahoo and click Add My Site. Make. Validate ownership.
  •  Submit a sitemap, the validation is done prior to it, otherwise the sitemap will not be posted.
  • Click on your website URL and press on feed links in right columns.
  • Add your website URL and let the drop down “Website Feed.” Click Add Feed afterwards.
  • Yahoo team checks and validates the sitemap.  Yahoo will index the after determine that the sitemap does not have any errors.

Submit your site to Bing

  • Login to Windows Live Account, and navigate to Bing Master Center .
  • Add your site to Bing search engine. Fill the URL bar with your sitemap. Press Add Site.
  • Bing will review and validate the sitemap and the site. After that Bing will index the website.


  1. Add your business site to the Chrome Web Store This is a great source of free traffic, but very few webmasters take advantage of it. It isn’t difficult to add your site to the Chrome Store; this will help you get continuous, free traffic. This is a great platform if you have build free extensions apps, extensions, and browser themes for the Google Chrome browser


  1. Mobile-friendliness matters- An increasing number of people are now using their mobile phones to look for the products and services they need. Recent market research also indicates that 28 percent of mobile searches convert within an hour or so. This makes it important to have a mobile-optimized version of your site. You have to make sure that these elements are optimized for mobile.
  • Page speed
  • Don’t hamper CSS
  • Don’t use pop-ups or flash
  • Get a simple navigation for mobile
  • Avoid large images
  • Make sure shopping cart icon is available on the header
  • Add a sticky add to cart button for your ecommerce site


  1. Guest posting– It’s a common misunderstanding that guest posting is only about acquiring links. But the primary reason why you should get guest posts to other websites is the free traffic benefit. Guest posts on trusted websites might also have a very high ranking and this helps create a steady and consistent flow of free traffic to your website. Guest posting is when you write on other websites. Some of the free websites with high domain authority is LinkedIn. Reach out to bloggers on twitter and Instagram and ask them to share your post. This will help build audience and bring traffic to your website.