3 Essential Components to Consider When Developing a Local Presence



There’s a ton of moving elements involved in marketing online and these components expand in importance each day.


Online Marketing and developing a local online presence is a system of sorts. To effectively run this system there are many components, which you need to consider beforehand, so that you’re able to assemble and integrate all these essential components into sections that appear as a whole.


Your local online presence is the foundation to your ultimate success, no matter what industry you’re part of or what your business sells and/or services it provides. Even if all your business transactions are done in person, your online local presence is of utter importance.


However, the key to creating a complete online presence is very much like the newest skyscraper in your city, that looks beautiful, robust and indestructible. The phases you’ll have to go through may be rather different, but also, alike in the sense that where you are today, you’ll need to return and revamp each phase, so that your local online presence is ever growing.


Below you will find 3 Essential Components to Consider When Developing Your Local Presence:


  • The Content on Your Website/Platform

    The majority of what occurrences are relevant and are centered around your content. Your content is how you’ll be found by your targeted audience. Moreover, it is the reason why people take notice to begin with… You’ll be able to begin to offer value to your potential prospects. If you don’t have a content platform, where you can begin to develop – many of your efforts on other phases of building your local online presence will go to waste.


A successful content platform should be started by incorporating a listening station by utilizing tools, such as Google Alerts, Social Mention and TweetDeck. Once you get these tools to work to your advantage, you’ll gain insight into your market, as well as competitors and other important groups, which include journalists. You’ll begin getting a better understanding and familiarization of your most important keywords and keyword phrases.


Keywords and keyword phrases are very much like sections of your entire body of content strategy. Conducting research, utilizing tools, such as Google Keyword Tool are key methods, which will appear when people search up your business or businesses similar to yours. For this reason, creating blog posts around these sections and utilizing an editorial calendar strategy is how you’ll be able to strengthen your content platform.


Once you are creating content on a continuous basis, you can even develop invaluable eBooks that will further fortify your content platform and your local online presence.


  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    When someone types in a keyword or keyword phrase that’s essential and relevant to your business and leads them into stumbling upon one of your blog posts or one of you website’s pages this is perhaps, the most outstanding payoffs you’ll receive from all your efforts. More importantly, this type of outcome is the type, which will determine your ultimate success.


Sure, SEO can often be time consuming and rather tedious, but the majority of businesses are able to generate compelling results without too much difficulty. However, you’ll need to put focus on these three very important SEO components:



  • Create Engaging & Keyword Rich Content

    This was discussed earlier. However, we want to emphasize how important this is for search engines. Search engines live on blog posts and other engaging and informative content. Utilize tools, such as Scribe from Copyblogger, which will help you produce more search engine friendly copy/content.


  • Make it Simple for Different Search Engines

    Your different web pages should be working for you. Make on-page components, such as: URLs, Blog Titles, ALT image attributes, internal links and subtitles work to your advantage! Furthermore, utilize XML sitemaps, which will make it much simpler for search engines to see your latest content.


  • Naturally Create Lots of Links from Other Websites

    Of course, creating amazing, engaging and informative content will get you going on this process. However, uploading videos on YouTube and Slideshare, as well as writing guest posts, writing friendly and polite comments on other blogs and submitting Press Releases online will boost your content on Social Media Platforms significantly.


  • Social Media Marketing

  Social Media Marketing is key to your local online presence. For this reason, when entering this phase, you    should most definitely consider strategy before tactics.


For starters, you need to be able to understand and be familiarized with your customers and targeted audience and learn how you can utilize Social Media networks to serve them even better. If you do this, you’ll gain immediate value.


In addition, create Twitter lists of your customers. Then add their Social Media profiles to your CRM tool. Furthermore, it is recommended that you add a tool, such as – Rapportive to your email.


Claim and build your business Social Media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and any other Social Media platform that you know your targeted audience use, as this will boost your local online presence even more!


Although, your plan on how you’re going to engage with potential prospects may not be clear at this very moment – taking the first step is a big step, which will allow you to begin exploring and learning more about your customers and your targeted audience.


Before you know it, you’ll start sharing content, sharing other people’s content, developing connections and discovering the best practices for each Social Media platform. You can start enhancing your content and finding methods, which will drive prospects to your business website, which can easily result into an increase in traffic, which can result in better conversion rates.


Start implementing these key components, which will boost your local online presence and take your business to the next level. Once you adopt these practices, you’ll notice an increase in traffic to your website and you’ll be much more visible on search engine result pages.


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